How much does it cost?

Access to all the products within the IT Skills Pathway is currently free for all NHS organisations in England and UK University Health faculties. Each organisation will receive their own Tracking System to manage delegates and customise learning. As the needs of other organisations vary greatly, we are happy to prepare a tailored quote for your organisation rather than publishing standard prices. Please email if you wish to discuss a quote or alternatively fill in the contact form on this website and we will respond to you.  The IT Skills Pathway and its products are not limited to use within healthcare, but are appropriate for use within any organisation!

How do we get involved?

To join the many other organisations already using the IT Skills Pathway, email us at or complete the contact form.

What are the technical specifications?

To utilise the Tracking System, you will require the latest version of Adobe Shockwave Player. We provide the latest compatible version on the Resources Tab of the Tracking System. Learners will also need to have Adobe Shockwave Player installed on their computer. We support the Tracking System for Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems and recommend using Internet Explorer 8 or later. Other Web browsers may also be compatible but are not supported.

What does it cover?

Our Tracking System currently provides learning and assessment for our Entry Level and Level 1 packages. Level 2 and Level 3 learning is also available with assessments currently in development.

How does it compare to ECDL?

The ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) programme provides a route to qualification for learners across a broad range of subjects at Levels 1 and 2. In contrast, the IT Skills Pathway contains individual products. This means that learners only need to complete the modules that are relevant to their current or future role within an organisation. Anecdotal evidence from our current centres suggests that our Level 2 products are at a higher level than those provided by ECDL. They are also mapped directly to the Microsoft Office Specialist suite of qualifications.

How do we access it?

To access the IT Skills Pathway, you will need a copy of our Tracking System. To join the many other organisations already using the pathway, email us at or complete the contact form

We want to sign up – what do we do next?

To join the many other organisations already using the IT Skills Pathway, email us at or complete the contact form

We don’t have a training department – can we still deliver this?

Yes! Because all of the learning contained in the IT Skills Pathway is designed to be undertaken by learners independently, there is no requirement to have trainers. You will however require an appointed administrator to distribute learning content to your delegates.

Can we tailor the learning to meet the needs of our organisation?

Yes! Each learning package can be customised to include only the modules and individual objectives you wish to utilise.

What sort of support can we expect?

Initially you will be invited to take part in an induction training session on how to use the products contained in the IT Skills Pathway. We also provide continued support to all centres via a ticket support tool contained within the Tracking System. In addition to this, you will have access to a range of marketing and promotional materials that can be adapted to suit your organisation’s needs. There is also a full contextualised help package contained within the system.

Is it any good?

We think it’s really good! But if you don’t believe us, we’d recommend you look at the Benefits page and also our Case Studies page to see what our existing centres say.

Is it compatible with our organisation’s Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes, you can deliver this through your own LMS. The materials are SCORM compliant so can be uploaded to an LMS allowing you to track delegates progress both to the IT Skills Pathway Tracking System and your LMS. However, we cannot provide instructions on installing to a specific LMS and support in doing this should be sought from your LMS administrator.

What tools are available to help us deliver?

When you set up as a centre we will book you onto an induction session where we will show you how to use the Tracking System and what support there is available to you. There is a detailed context help tool available within the Tracking System as well as a user guide and a ticket support tool which links you directly to our helpdesk for technical assistance. We also have a full suite of marketing materials that you can make use of including logos and templates.

Can we use this for recruitment and selection?

Yes you can use the assessments within the Tracking System as an additional stage in their recruitment process. For example, this enables you, as a recruiter to test potential candidate’s IT skills remotely before selecting them for a face to face interview which will save you time and effort.

Our organisation is not NHS – can we still deliver this?

Yes, although the programme was originated within the NHS ANY organisation can contact us to apply to become a centre.

Is there a pre-requisite for the level of literacy skills required to use the IT Skills Pathway ?

It is recommended that any learner starting the IT Skills Pathway has at least Level 2 literacy.