Who can become a Centre?

Although the programme was originally developed for the NHS, ANY organisation can apply to become a centre.

By operating a centrally managed service we are able to offer the IT Skills Pathway at a fraction of the cost that would apply if organisations were to develop and maintain their own similar system. To discuss becoming a centre, please email it.skills@nhs.net

Centre Requirements

As is the case with all learning that uses computers and the Internet, there is a need to comply with certain technical specifications. In order to make the Pathway available to as many people as possible we endeavour to keep these technical requirements to a minimum. This means that people can undertake learning at home or at work without the need for specialist software.

Some of the basic requirements needed are:

  • Windows XP or newer Operating System (or any other OS compatible with Shockwave Player 11.6x)
  • Windows Internet Explorer 7 or newer (or other modern browser compatible with Shockwave Player)
  • Shockwave Player 11.6 or newer
  • Broadband (or N3) Internet Connection
  • Recommended - 1280 x 1024 or higher screen resolution

Make it a Success

  • Keep up to date with latest developments
  • Embed with HR/Staff Development
  • Successfully market and promote
  • Use the tracking system effectively
  • Encourage learners to undertake evaluation/capture success
  • Maximise the potential of the products
  • Celebrate success internally and externally
  • Work out delivery methods